Pussy Willow and Cherry Blossom Wreaths

Last night I dreamed of pussy willows! That’s what happens when I work intensively with a plant.  I have been making pussy willow wreaths for the last four days.  Since then, the moment I close my eyes,  I see a tapestry of pussies purring loud in my vision.  And then came the dream…
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Our willow branches are fewer this year, but the buds so fat and the branches so tall!  I have to thank Isaac the Goat for that.  Our lovely goat was buried there years ago.  He comes alive every Spring, but this year he is stronger, furrier and more determined to reach far up into the sky!
Here’s a picture of Isaac!
Created by DPE, Copyright IRIS 2007
Once the branches are gathered, that’s when the fun begins. I start playing with them, curving them, and braiding one stem to the other.  I watch to see which way they twist and I add pieces one by one.  Like asparagus, I bend them to feel and see where they will snap and then I cut that hard end off.  I’ve also incorporated artificial cherry blossom flowers, tamarack branches and ribbon.
The cats are always checking on my work!  Here’s Bobbie Lou passing through with a spring in his step…  so happy the weather has warmed up, and that the quails are back!
Here are the wreaths.  They are available for purchase.  Each one is uniquely designed and a product of hard labour.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Prices start at $50.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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Happy Spring Everyone!



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