Botanical Couture & Floral Artwork

My love of flowers, shoes and fashion is being celebrated through these pieces.  The dress piece was created through layers and layers of florals from our Blue Sage Farm gardens. As the layers were applied, the dress went through four season of dress wear before finally settling into the rose garden!  To link this Botanical Goddess to the beautiful Okanagan region we live in, the grapes were added as a final touch.

And now on to shoes…  Name me a woman who doesn’t like shoes! I simply can’t think of one. Not that I can wear high heels, but I love them so.  My mother was the queen of high heeled shoes.  Her passion was passed on to me but not the grace to go with it!.  I am slowly building a collection of shoes, which are undergoing a floral transformation.  The shoe you see here was collaged with leaves and florals from the farm.  If you have a special pair of shoes, such as wedding shoes, and would love to see them adorned in florals, please let me know, and I will happily do the couture for you!

The tree trunk floral arrangement was inspired by the 1920’s photographs, and it blossomed from there … One never really knows where art will take you…

And last, but not least… a huge thank you to Jessica and Andy Photography for the high quality photos you have taken of this art work.  We really appreciate the professionalism you bring to your work.

Hope you enjoy the work!


botanical couture botanical couture

botanical couture

botanical couturebotanical couturebotanical artbotanical artbotanical art

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